Our approach

We have four key principles that are at the heart of everything we do


Quality is our top priority. We obsess over every little detail – right from choosing the world’s finest hand-picked organic cotton, to the meticulous hand-finish in the most ethical factories; From the tension of the thread to the diameter of the yarn and the non-toxic dyes; Even little things like corner ties to stop your duvet from slipping inside the cover to the extra deep fitted sheets so your mattress never peeps through.

We promise to never cut corners so you receive the very best product possible.


With the mission to make luxury more accessible, we’ve cut out the middleman, to ensure you – our discerning customer – don’t pay any more than you should.

This way we can also know where our cotton is coming from (down to the farm it was plucked at!), how it was ginned, woven and stitched, cutting out a lot of costs that have no bearing on the quality of our products. We pass on these savings directly to you, allowing you the luxury of great bedding without the great big price tag.

We promise to source organically, manufacture ethically, and sell with transparency.


It is important to us that in getting the best bed sheets and duvet covers to you, not only do we “do no wrong”; in fact, we go a step further and work towards a better tomorrow.

All our bedding is 100% organic which is better for you, better for our farmers and better for our generations to come.

Being ethical means we’re treating our farmers, weavers, and all other artisans and mill workers fairly. They all earn a fair living and their welfare is genuinely looked after.

As part of our Ara Giving initiative, we pledge a part of our profits to end modern slavery and fight for ethical work conditions for marginalized communities – so we can all sleep better at night.


We are determined to leave you smiling at the end of the night (or day!) and won’t rest until we are sure we are providing the best experience possible.

  • We do the hard work so we can make shopping simpler by offering a curated experience so you have fewer but better options.
  • We make extra efforts with our packaging, obviously, no plastic involved here! We ensure that although it’s beautiful, it also serves a purpose – it has a past and will hopefully a future in your home too.
  • We’re confident you’ll love our products, but we understand that sometimes it just doesn’t work out. We offer a 30-night no-fuss return period in case you change your mind.

Spreading smiles, night after night