Our Story

As parents of Arjun and Aryan (yes, that’s where our name comes from), we’ve been conscious of the world our children are growing up in and are mindful of the impact of our purchases; the impact that they have on little lives elsewhere, on the environment and on people just like us.

We didn’t start off as textile experts, nor did we have any experience working in retail. This story began when we moved into our new home and were looking for high-quality, luxury bedding at an affordable price.

After going through ‘high-end’ retail stores and trawling through the internet, we were surprised that we couldn’t find anything we liked; where the bedding was great quality and fairly priced; but also where we could be certain that it was produced without any harm, to the people involved or to our planet.

And thus was planted the seed for Ara Living – to offer truly beautiful bedding, inside and out; the softest sheets that make no compromises along the way.

We started by learning what quality in linens was all about. We then found family-run farms growing premium organic cotton and smaller-scale Fairtrade factories where skilled workers are paid fairly and treated with respect. We brought these together to build a totally transparent, sustainable supply chain that would produce truly exceptional bedding in the most ethical manner. After months and months of hard work, we launch the efforts of our labour of love, to offer customers a better choice.

Because everyone deserves a good night’s sleep…

Himanshi & Dhruv
Mum and dad to Arjun and Aryan
Premium handpicked organic cotton – free from chemicals or any other nasties – good for you, good for our farmers and good for our planet.
Fully traceable supply chain (right from the farm that our cotton was grown at) and fully transparent pricing.
Fairtrade certified; No child labour or forced labour.
Fighting modern slavery by contributing profit every sale to charity.